We currently offer several different types of programs.  We originally started with just offering GROUP activities (which is our private pay program) but have since gotten approved by the PA Office of Developmental Programs to offer: CPS (Community Participation Supports), In Home and Community Supports and Companion services for adults who qualify for waiver services. 

When and Where do GROUP activities take place?


Most of the activities will be during the weekday between 10am and 1pm in Monroe and Northampton Counties. We may on occasion have activities on nights & weekends.


Some of the activities occur at:

· meeting rooms            

· community libraries

· township buildings

· Bowling alleys, movie theaters,  restaurants, fitness centers, etc.





How do I join and How much does it cost?
​Click the registration link below.  (There is a one time $20 registration fee, if you mention our website when registering, the fee will be reduced to $10)   

        Registration Form link:


We encourage anyone who is interested in the program to come to a trial activity.  (fees may apply)

If you are interested in joining the program and you meet the requirements, You will be placed on our mailing/email list. 


We will mail/email you the monthly newsletter listing all the activities. 

Depending on how many activities you choose to attend for the month your costs could range anywhere from $15 a day to $200 for the month. The actual fees are listed with the paperwork you will receive



How Do I get to Activities?

At this time, we recommend you find your own transportation to activities.

If you absolutely need a ride to and from an activity, we can provide transportation (for a small fee to cover gas and mileage) if there is room in our van and you live within the van route.